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This new project of Carnevali Cantieri Nautici introduces, besides an already wide range of yachts, the new Carnevali C38, created in partnership with Centro Stile Davide Cipriani studio.
This flybridge, with its threadlike layout, is considered a less than 10 meters watercraft with an overall length of 11.40 meters and represents a great answer to the latest production trends. Neo-luxury is the new must have: minimum cost without giving up exclusivity and comfort.
This is a fanciful yacht, not only suitable for families, but also for free sporting spirits, wanting to have sprightly sea days full of fun. Optimized spaces guarantee comfort and extravagance, typical of big yachts, maintaining a taste for handicraft and innovation at the same time. Thus, tradition and future melt together to create this nimble, cat-like yacht.
Its "V hull", typical of Carnevali Yachts, guarantees a comfortable sailing. Its inner spaces show an innovative and exclusive design. Wide, curved windows provide a panoramic view of the surrounding landscape.
The marvelous C38 can host four plus two passengers. Its fabulous, bright master cabin is provided with a dark tinted porthole, for privacy preservation. The spacious bathroom, modern and trendy, permits the use of a comfortable shower booth.
Care for details, craftship and modern design cast Carnevali Cantier Nautici towards a new reality of luxury sailing, re-launching the concept of made-in-Italy exclusivity, which for over fifty years has been identified like this in the market.