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THE FUTURE IS HERE. At Carnevali Cantieri Nautici the future is already here, thanks to the new model of its Customized Line: the Carnevali 68, a 20 meter yacht of new generation, unique in its kind for luxury, electronic management systems, performances and very livable spaces, usually typical of bigger yachts.
The Carnevali 68 is a superb evolution of Carnevali 65, an extremely innovative example, which can be customized and become unique like every one of its owners, giving birth to a harmonious synthesis between customer personality and shipyard philosophy, as a result of a continuous developing tradition of craftwork. The Carnevali 68 has a completely modified external line, in comparison to the former 65 feet: it has a more fluent hull line, lightened by broader panoramic windows to increase brightness and enlarge inner spaces, with an outstanding sight from the night cabins. Its darkly tinted glasses reinforce the elegance of external design, preserving its passengers� privacy without affecting visibility, and ensuring a perfect light distribution. Interiors are totally soundproofed and highly comfortable, thanks to the clever distribution of space. The sleeping area has been divided into 4 cabins, each of them equipped with private bathrooms, even crew cabins, located in the stern.
Interior materials of Carnevali 68 can be customized as well: for modern and sophisticate souls we offer a combination of whitened oak with saddle-brown finishing, for classic lovers we have lucid cherry and walnut wood; for the futuristic minded there is �perpero� and wenge wood version.
Also its Interiors aim to stupefy: after the cherry wood and orient yellow leather version, a futuristic and glamour one is already on stream, made up of precious perpero wood, giving elegant nacre and opalescent effects, recalling the fascinating craftsmanship typical to the Carnevali design.
Wenge wood finishings create a deep chromatic contrast, through a light and shadows game of chiaroscuro, recalling the surrealist atmospheres of De Chirico.
Carnevali 68 has been designed to fulfill any kind of needs, and has been equipped with all comforts, performances and personalization of our Custom models, in order to satisfy even the most demanding owner.
The interiors, being so versatile, will mirror the most demanding tastes, while the external part will be characterized by a spacious fly and cockpit adaptability.
Style and innovation are the business cards with which this new fly bridge will look out onto the market: latest trends in sailing design and future technological innovations will merge into this greatly charming yacht, designed to satisfy the current market and anticipate future trends.
Time and again Carnevali Yachts reinforces the celebrity of its models, known for their great habitability, their exclusive line, their inimitable hulls and their sublime functionality.