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At the top of the custom production, the Carnevali 72 is the most detailed project of the shipyard from Marina di Ravenna. A twenty-two meter yacht with a completely innovative design, a truly unique example with luxurious fittings, performance, electronic management and a liveability that is normally found on much bigger yachts. Just like every boat owner, each 72 is unique, a harmonious synthesis between the personality of the customer and the philosophy of the shipyard. The Carnevali 72 is built in Fano Shipyard and it is completely made in fiberglass, so that the unit is light and robust with the typical lines of hull that are one of the feathers on the hat of the shipyard.
With its generous wideness (5,75 mt) it ensures a mega yacht liveability. Outside, everything is studied to give the maximum relax. In the convivial cockpit we find a table, a sofa and comfortable seats. The fly is sober and elegant at the same time, and it is equipped with a large sundeck next to the driver's seat, an aft-sofa with a cocktail table and a piece of furniture with sink, fridge, grill and hot plate.
As you enter the dinette you can't help being fascinated by the elegance of the living-room. Here the client is free to choose the furniture style: classical cherry-wood or whitened oak-wood refined with wenge-wood. Starting from the extraordinary beauty of the drawing room, passing through the elegant liveability of the dining room, you get to the rational functionality of the detached kitchen, which can be entered from the living room, from the driver's seat and from the outside.
Below deck, you will find the magnificent captain's suite, a VIP room and two cabins with twin beds (one with an optionally added pullman-bed), all with private bathrooms. Spacious and elegant bedrooms, snug in the warm hues of wood and leather, a touch of excellence that will never go out of fashion. The two crew's aft-cabins have their own entrance and are equipped with private bathroom and a small kitchen.