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Do you feel like something new, bright, spacious, elegant and comfortable? Or do you dream of running along with the waves, free and dynamic, to experience the sea as an endless adventure, with the excitement of an undisclosed surprise?
If so, then you are ready for the Carnevali 142, a mosaic of emotions conceived and planned by Angelo Carnevali, for those who want to go beyond the future and spend joyful and exciting days in blue water, without forgoing the comfort and luxury typical of big yachts.
As for the line and performances, Carnevali proposes an extremely new yacht, both to the market and to yacht owners who are looking for exclusivity and a bit of sophistication.
This is a cutting edge yacht, which, taking also in consideration the crisis in the market of the luxury goods, still allows not to give up the passion for the sea.
Thanks to the balance between minimum cost and the certified, perfect craftsmanship in Carnevali style, Carnevali 142 responds to the current market needs, mirroring, at the same time, the futuristic spirit of the yachts signed by Angelo Carnevali.
Already under production, the first example will be presented at the end of the year with all the honors.
The Carnevali Yachts fleet grows with this extremely new model, classified between the 13 metres (Carnevali 130) and the 16 metres (Carnevali 160).
The project has been committed to the prestigious Ceccarelli Yacht Design Studio which, with its long experience in water lines analysis, has created a cutting edge yacht, taking the shipyard of Ravenna directly into a new generation.
Together, Ceccarelli Studio and Angelo Carnevali developed the curvy and scenic lines of this yacht, complete with accurate volume arrangements, exploiting the spaces and heights at best, so to assure the comfort typical of the only great yachts.